Saturday, May 27, 2006

Open Season

Well by the end of this weekend it seems as though all of the mountain passes will be open. The Alpine Loop opened yesterday and I rode it over from the AF side. It was really windy which made it cool, but also a lot harder to pedal. I hope to break 55mph on my bike this summer yesterday I just barely got 49mph. It was quite the rush!!! Monday depending on the weather I might try and brave the Nebo Loop. I do not feel too sore today, so I think I should be able to swing it. It could be crowded up there, but I think that if I start early enough it won't be a problem.

As for work, I am gearing up for a busy week. Tuesday and Wednesday I will be in Portland and Friday through Sunday I will be in Sacramento. It should be exciting. I am anxious that in a few weeks I will have earned enough points to fly home. Not sure when that will be but it is nice to know that it will paid for already.

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