Sunday, December 28, 2008

Anniversary Cake

We did not have any of our wedding cake left, so our nephews woke up early Sunday Morning and made us a cake. They were afraid that we woudl come up and see it so they frosted it before it cooled, but it was good.
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Our Anniversary

Well as of just about an hour ago it became the date of Our One Year Anniversary. Britt is tucked quietly in bed and I am just waiting out my usual case of insomnia, which is what I get every time I take a nap or sleep in past 7 am. Today of which I did both, so who knows what time I will finally go to sleep. In any case, I took this pics a few weeks ago, but I thought it would be a great pic to use today. I have planned a little surprise get-away once we get done with church.

P.S. If it is too blurry to read, I wrote out 'I Love Britt' in the salt residue on our car.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Dinner

Not sure whose idea it was but we decided to have a 7-course meal on Christmas. Britt's sister provided a huge cut of Prime Rib that was to-die-for. It ended up however only being a 6-course meal. The sorbet for some reason decided that although we placed it outside in the snow with an air temperature of 8 degrees it decided that it did not want to freeze.

Christmas Eve PJ's - Japanese Style

Here are our Japanese, Made in China, Christmas Eve PJ's. As is tradition in the Schlosser Family we get matching pajamas on Christmas Eve. This year my sister Liz picked out the PJ's in Japan. We loved them, but when one of Britt's sister checked the tag to see how 'authentic' they were, we all got a chuckle to see that they were made in China. See American's aren't the only ones!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Our First Christmas Tree

We ripped off most of the stuff from decorations her mom did not use. For some reason of all the stuff we have carted back from VA we still have not brought back my Christmas box. But I think that Britt did a stellar job with what she could round up in a few short hours.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mom's So Proud

It was quite the occasion in getting this picture. Most of you have known for sometime that Britt would be graduating, but few people heard, unless you were there the ordeal it was just getting to Britt's graduation a few weeks ago. So if you are ever in the mood for a long, but exciting story, ask Britt about; cleaning at 4 am, losing my suit, the several inches of ice then snow, the death march to the Spectrum, and the roller coaster of getting out of town. All in all let's just say Britt is glad to be graduated.

Graduate Cousins

Britt & Her Cousin, Dave, both graduated with a BFA.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Enterprise in the Oil Patch

The guy to my right in the picture is my boss, Brian. We are in sort of a niche market out here in Vernal, catering mostly to oil field related companies. Brian thought a special picture was necessary to send out as a Christmas E-mail. This is what we sent out to all of the Enterprise Employees in our group. Thought you all might like to see it. Remember, safety is no accident!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Posts to Come

For all you faithful followers and passers-by alike, we will be getting our own computer next week. We will no longer need to make trips to the library or bum laptops from family & friends. Since we blogged last we have moved, set up our new apartment (I mean room), set up Britt's Art Classroom at Ashley Elementary, we visited Temple Square for the MOTAB performance and on a separate occasion to see the lights. I also started at the Enterprise location here in the Vernal Airport. It has been quite fun. Britt also graduated this last Saturday from USU. Since then she has been sewing me a stocking and backing our duvet cover that she started before her mission. We are happy that for the most part her morning sickness, that generally came in the afternoon/evening, has subsided. We have pictures for most of these events, we are just waiting for our new Dell to arrive. In the meantime we are so excited for Christmas to come. We bought our first Christmas tree which Britt decorated in White and Red, using some of the trimmings from our wedding last year.