Saturday, November 15, 2008

Coming June 18th...

For those that can't make out the picture and for those of you who do not follow my sister's blog. Brittany is Pregnant! Her family found out a few weeks back as she was stricken with morning sickness the three days we went to visit. As for my parents we took this picture and sent it priority mail, with nothing else enclosed. You should have heard my mom's voicemail!

As for the baby, we know rather little as yesterday was our first doctor's appointmtent. We do know that we are estatic! How Blessed we are and how we can't wait for this summer!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lubbock Christian, Here We Come...

We found out this morning that I was accepted at Lubbock Christian University to start my Master's in Divinty in order to become a Navy Chaplain. Britt & I are so excited that we have made a step in that direction. We will actually be moving to Vernal for a time, where I will start my master's program online and Britt will teach school. So it's more like Vernal, here we come.