Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Anniversary

Well as of just about an hour ago it became the date of Our One Year Anniversary. Britt is tucked quietly in bed and I am just waiting out my usual case of insomnia, which is what I get every time I take a nap or sleep in past 7 am. Today of which I did both, so who knows what time I will finally go to sleep. In any case, I took this pics a few weeks ago, but I thought it would be a great pic to use today. I have planned a little surprise get-away once we get done with church.

P.S. If it is too blurry to read, I wrote out 'I Love Britt' in the salt residue on our car.


Butler Family said...

That is so romantic!! Happy one year to you guys!!!

Maren said...

I remember the time you took off to marry this great girl. I hope you did spoil her. Your 2nd Christmas together looked fun. And tell Britt congrats on graduating. Now off to motherhood, wow!

Russ and Annie Squire said...

Hi, you two! I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog. We miss you here, and are so excited for you and your great adventures.

Congrats on graduating, Britt!