Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Well it has not quite been a week yet since I graduated, but I am already feeling a little lost and not knowing what do with my free time. The kicker of that statement is that I am actually doing less with more time. I used to work two jobs, attend three classes, run, and mantain some sort of social life. But before school was even out, I quite one job, finished one class, ran less, and hung-out less. I do not know where all my time went. I could normally squeze in at least 20+ miles on a busy week, but the last two weeks I couldn't even manage that. Last week I didn't even run. Here it is Tuesday Nite and I have already missed two days. My emotions and my body are going crazy, but my mind is saying that there is no time. I am already turning into a working stiff and it hasn't even been a full week. Any of you graduates have an idea or two you would like to share?

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