Saturday, May 20, 2006

Long Days, Short Nites

Well now that it is summer time the sun is out longer and my days now include a short run or ride in the morning to get pumped up for the day, work, and then a longer trail run or an out-n-back on the bike. Today I rode down both forks of Hobble Creek Canyon. It was great, not to hot and with some nice tail wind for part of the ride. I am putting in as much time as possible when I am in town, because this summer is going to be trip after another with two that I am still trying to squeeze in. One is to VA to visit the Fam and meet my new nephew, he's still not here yet but we are all real excited. The second is a trip to Yellowstone. Right now the calender reads:

May 23-24 - Colorado Springs, CO
May 30-31 - Portland, OR
June 2-4 - Sacramento, CA
June 19-20 - Anahiem, CA
June 20-21 - Phoenix, AZ
June 28-29 - Denver, CO
June 30 - July 1 - Sacramento, CA
July 14-16 - Branson, MO

There will also be a week long conference that I will be attending for one of our other accounts in Dallas.

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