Friday, April 28, 2006

Sunburn at Snowbird

Had a blast skiing with my Dad. We were some of the first people on the slops this morning, it was great. Most of the day we skied together, but I felt like I was holding him back. So I headed back to the shop for a board and he went on the Black Diamonds. I had his help sking and I picked it up pretty well. We did two intermidiate runs at the end and I did not fall, I wish that I could say the same thing for snowboarding. I left the shop with no instructions, just what I had seen in the movies and on the slopes in the morning. The first run I face planted more times than I care to count, the second run was much better. I mean I still fell but nothing really hard. I found my back edge which was cool so as long as I didn't did to cut the other way I was fine. On the third and final run I was confident that I didn't faceplant on the second run and that I found my back edge, big mistake. Things were going good, did the first two sections without falling. Third drop didn't look that bad, found my back edge, things are moving really fast, really fast. "Hey Tommy, Find Your Front Edge." That was the last thought before some three flips a six barrel rolls and twelve broken bones. Okay, all of that was true except the bone part. Crazy, that's all I can say. I laid there for some time and then got up. Only fell one more time the rest of the run. So while I did not walk away with a mastery of slope skills, rolled away with some ridiculous burn stripes; white forehead from beanie and raccoon eyes from glass. Verdict, I can't wait for next season!!!

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