Sunday, April 23, 2006

Snow Still Around

After church I went on a Sunday drive up Provo Canyon with my roommate Derek. In addition to just wanting to spend time outside on a beautiful spring day, I was doing some scouting of what roads had been cleaned of their winter debris. Sadly one of my favorite mountain routes is still packed under several feet of snow. I knew that there would be a lot of snow in shaded areas, but I did not realize that so much would still be left on the roads. I am guessing that it will be several weeks before the snow melts and the roads are swept. I will just have to stick with running anyway, because my bike is having issues and I have a hard time wanting to fix her when I still can’t ride everyday.
So while this week will not be filled with much riding it will be great, not only am I graduating but my parents will be in town for most of the week.

Last nite I mentioned that I was playing Soccer with the work team and had Derek take some pictures. The seats are far back and there is a net so they are not really crisp pictures, but here are some just for kicks. No pun intended.

Me just after getting lame!!!

About to field the ball.

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