Thursday, May 21, 2009

I could be Your Agent

Well for those that did not get my mass e-mail I am a producer for American Family Inusrance. I have not told anyone until this week because of the potential conflict with Enterprise, but now that I am no longer employed there I would love to write up your insurance policies. I can do anything except life & health. So if you need a quote on your home, autos, or business give me a call.
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Maren and Blake said...

Congrats. I didn't get the mass e-mail but would love to hear why you changed. I am sure the hours will be much better with the little one coming. When is Britt due?

Butler Family said...

YAY!! We are so HAPPY for you. Congrats. We have had Am Fam for a little over a year and we LOVE them!!! So we are really happy for you guys. Does that mean we get a Family Discount? lol Just kidding! We are so excitred and happy for you!! That is such wonderful news:)