Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Basin Shuttle

Well for those who have not heard about my latest and greatest idea, I am starting a shuttle service from Vernal to Salt Lake and the surrounding areas. In the last two months we have been out here, I have seen a need for people to get to different places in SLC. I found an investor and in the first week of March we be starting a full service shuttle route here in the Basin.

According to my mom, I have always had a little entrepreneurial streak in me, ever since I was peddling log animals as a kid. I would make Bees, Caterpillars, and the like out of branches or logs and nails. If you go to my mom's house she still has a log bee in the front room.

If you are interested in seeing my website, it will be up in about a week. So just visit: BasinShuttle.Com


Butler Family said...

Goodluck with getting everything started up and everything. I know you will be great at it!!

The Martinez Family said...

sounds like a great idea , I hope it all works out for you and it all goes smoothly:)