Sunday, December 10, 2006

All Around the World

Wow, today was a crazy day!!! It started bright and early with a 7am run with Colby Allen (from work) and one of his friends. After that I went home started some laundry and felt like I should go to the gym. So I went and lifted, came home and did some more chores. Then I was browsing the internet, finding out about the different resorts, when I noticed that Sundance still did not post and opening day. I decided to call their info line and found out that they opened yesterday. Suddenly flashes of me, zooming down the mountain came to mind and in less than 5 minutes the car was packed and within the half hour, I was sitting on the lift; think Sundance isn't a bad deal after all. Then when I got off the mountain, I called my friend Liz which turned into dinner plans. Now it is 10:30 and I am about to hit the sack. Can't believe I packed that all into one day.

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