Friday, December 01, 2006

Banff is Coming!!!

...The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour that is!!! Thanks to my good friend Cami, I can pass on the excitement of Banff to all of you. And with how good it was last year I am planning on visiting more venues. These are not all of the dates, just the ones that I am planning on:

UVSC - Feb 13 & 14 (Tues & Wed)
USU - Feb 16 (Fri)
Snowbasin - Feb 17 (Sat)
U of U - Feb 20 & 21 (Tues & Wed)

For the ones at UVSC & U of U, I will just go up after work. After the one in Logan I will stay in a hotel and then wake up and board all day at Snowbasin. Should be an action packed two weeks!!!

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