Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bus Stop Blues

As I mentioned before I got an estimate on my car yesterday and dropped it off in Lehi for the afternoon. From the shop I walked to Porter's Place; ordered a Buffalo Burger, a Silver Quenn, and some Baked Beans. All very delicious. Then I sat in the shade waiting for the bus back to Provo. The shade did not seem very dark, but evidently the bus driver thought it was because he drove right past me! I whistled, screamed, and ran after him but to no avail. He left me to wait for another half hour. I headed down the main drag towards another stop. Made sure when the next one came I was leaning out past the curb. The driver stopped and we headed on down the road. I felt kind of left out every one who boarded the bus knew each others name. The bus made it less than five miles till it started this hidious shrill. The bus driver pulled over and it just cut off. The driver kept trying to start it but as soon as it turned over it would commence the obnoxious whine. After a few moments she asked all to get off the bus and that the next one would be there in half an hour. Once again I headed toward the next stop. About 15 minutes later the same bus strolls up and says that we could get on but the AC would be off. As I boarded the bus a bank sign was flashing 95 degrees!!! Once we opened the windows and got rolling it was not too bad. No you might think that I am comlaining but inspite of all that I could not be any happier. The bus could have blown up, but I would have been great. I was walking on cloud nine!!! Why you ask??? Well, I had just gotten my braces off. After 4 1/2 years I could not remember what it felt like without them. Let me just say that I will be the most faithful retainer wearer of which anyone had ever heard. They are still in need of some bleaching, but WOW what an improvment.

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