Monday, December 29, 2014

June's Kitchenette

Britt stumbled upon this at Value Village in the summer and it was initially going to be June's 2nd Birthday present, but we just couldn't get the work on it done in time, and it still took two nights last week staying up past midnight to get it done...

Here is the inside view of the wire racks I posted on fb of me cutting with the grinder.

June was not happy that the sink doesn't really turn on, but it hasn't stopped her from pretending that is where she washes the dishes.

The stove door has Plexiglas and between us and her grandparent's she received a ton of pots, pans, and the like.

Britt is going to fix the curtain as it is clearly too long, but this was already after midnight, Christmas Day.

We didn't announce who was getting what, but when I asked her who's it was, here was her response...

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