Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Dinner in Seven Courses

This year we were able to share this tradition with Tommy's Parents (and a few other guests)! We had an Italian theme with the following courses:

Course One (Not Pictured)

Appetizer, Italian Bread with Vinegar & Olive Oil by Tim & Linda (Not pictured). Pictured is Italian Soda by Chris

Course Two

Italian Wedding Soup by Grace

Course Three

Salad with Romaine Lettuce, Pepperocini, and Tomatoes in Italian Dressing by Sydney

Course Four

Lemon Italian Ice by Tim & Linda

Course Five

Spaghetti with Marinera Sauce by Brittany

Course Six

Baked Potatoes with Breaded Steak by Brittany

Course Seven

Dark Chocolate Tiramasu by Brittany


Butler Family said...

That was such a fun thing to do and something I wouldn't mind doing every year. Thanks for including us in such a fun tradition that you guys have:)

Weaver's said...

how much fun. it is fun to have your on tadeshens and u have maed a fun one some thing new. the food looked grat wish i could have tried the last one i have been wonting sweets but doter sead no more :( . but have a good day love ya. and we are all doing ok. one day at a time.