Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Dinner in Seven Courses

We decided at the last minute to add a zing to our traditional seven course meal, by having a Mexican theme. Hope you enjoy the pictures, we sure had fun putting it all together! Britt felt like she was on the food network.

Course One

Appetizer, Ro-tel infused Cheese Dip

Course Two

Soup, Britt's Own Tortilla Soup

Course Three

Salad, Fresh Iceberg Lettuce with Avacado and Southwest Style Ranch

Course Four

Sorbet, Lime Sorbet with Celery Garnish

Course Five

Meat, Spiced Shrimp

Course Six

Meat, Blackened Chicken w/ Avacado

Course Seven

Dessert, Tres Leches


Butler Family said...

mm everything looks so good!! Good job britt

Martinez said...

Looks deliciious

Brian and chelsea said...