Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby Blessing

For all those in Utah or those that might come in town we will be blessing Little T on August 2nd. For details call me or Britt.


Butler Family said...

I would LOVE to come then but we are blessing Keagan that day too!!! We will be thinking about you guys though.

The Allgaiers said...

We'll be there (I think)! We might still be driving to get there, but we will be there that week if we can't make it to the blessing. I'm so excited for you guys. And just a random question for Tommy--How much do you charge for your shuttle to Salt Lake and back from Salt Lake?

Tommy & Britt Schlosser said...


Sorry the Shuttle has shut down. Partialy because it was not making much money and partialy because we are moving to GA. It was $175 one-way or $300 round-trip from SLC.