Saturday, June 20, 2009

Loves the Car

Getting into the car, he was a little fussy, but as soon we started to drive!!!
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Maren and Blake said...

He is absolutely beautiful. And Britt, way to go with that 8.9 pound baby. Now when people tell you they had a 7.2 pound baby you will just laugh. Are you calling him Tommy as well or what will he be known as?

Congratulations again and make sure to sleep when he sleeps.

Butler Family said...

ADORABLE!!! He is such a cutie pie!!! We are so happy for you guys:)

Amber said...

Britt and Tommy, wish I could have been there. He looks so sweet and so much like Tommy. Good luck with the late nights and diapers. Katie is sad it's another boy, but happy she has a new cousin. Love ya'll. Amber, Robert, Katie & Christopher.

Mrs. Hayford said...

Wow, he looks just like his Daddy! Congratulations on your handsome little guy!