Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Fierce Competition

Well friends and family, there is a fierce competition going on and I am not going to lay down easy! You see at the same time I decided to start Basin Shuttle, two other companies have decided to make a go at taking people to Salt Lake. While I am not afraid of what will happen, I want to hedge my odds as much as possible. Here is where you can help! Before Vernal Shuttle (the comeptition) changed their website, when you did a google search for Vernal or Basin Shuttle, either way my site came up first. Now when you type in Vernal Shuttle, I come up second or not at all. One way to fix this is to get people to link to you. So any of you that have extra space on some side bar on your blog or site, a link would be appreciated. www.basinshuttle.com


Maren and Blake said...
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Maren and Blake said...

Blake is a web programmer and says that you need to work on your content. The bigger the website, the more relevant it will be. Blake checked out your competition and said that google likes it when people have more content. So Vernal Shuttle has so much stuff, how about you just give me a call and we can talk.