Thursday, February 07, 2008

Which Clock Are You???

The big clock is us, here in Utah. The bottom left is Eastern Time for all the fam in VA. The top left is Central Time for those in TX and IL. The bottom right is for Japan. The top right is still up for grabs. So if you are family or friend and aren't in a named time zone let us know!!!


The Martinez Family said...

How neat!! We want to do something like that for our house! I am so excited that you have a Japan time zone:) Love you Tommy and Britt!

The Butler's said...

That is soo cool that you can have clocks for where your whole family is. It makes me feel so special you have central time zone for us!! We love and miss you guys tons

Paul said...

Man that is going to make for a heck of a daylight savings time nightmare!!! How you been man? Just checking up on you - send me your email at know the rest and I will make sure sarah adds you to our blog.